Professional photographic processing and retouching to order

The digital retouching and recovering of images are necessary for each good photographer who respects the own time. It gives to the image more professional-look and increases marketability. We specialize in professional processing of digital photos.

Moments studio is a professional processing and recovering of digital photos. Our team of retouchers, with an experience more than 5 years, offers available, highly qualified processing of digital photos to order with the pleasant price. To whom and for what the digital retouching of photos is necessary today? The Moments’ retouchers

To answer a question above, it’s necessary to understand, what in general the professional retouching of photos is? Perhaps, someone from you for the first time deals with such term. Perhaps, some already used earlier services of photos processing. For those who have absolutely incidentally gone to the site and also for purposeful clients we will tell again what is "a digital retouch of photos ". Also we will answer a question “To whom it is necessary?” and “What is the main feature of our masters’ work?”

First of all, it would be desirable to emphasize that processing of photos is quite delicate and responsible work in which you have to conscientious, showing creativity in every retouching stroke which is applied on a photo. For obtaining really brilliant result, address true professionals of processing, if you don’t want to spoil but to improve your creation. Certainly, you can try to be engaged in a retouching, but it will take quite long time, and also there are no guarantees of obtaining desirable result, unfortunately.

It is necessary to notice that with development of digital technologies people began to pay much attention to photos. Each of us cherish in them memoirs, emotions, events and important moments of life. Pictures are taken at every given opportunity: travels, weddings, birthdays, exhibitions, photos for sale, different photoshoots etc. This list could be listed infinitely. Really professional photographers, taking the unique pictures, have howling success. They earn a lot of money on sale of photos, publishing their creations in various editions of magazines and newspapers. However, all of them address for services of a retouching of a photo sooner or later. Processing of photos to order is highly appreciated not only among the professional photographers who are engaged in studio or exit photoshoots.

This service is also popular among those people who dream to improve quality of the image, to refresh them or to change to unrecognizability. The qualitative retouching of images will “inspire” in your photos a breath of fresh air. The specialists of our studio offer various services which include professional processing of images to order. Everything that is necessary for your photos is a team of Moments’ retouchers! How we work?

The retouching of photos

Certainly, in the Internet takes place large and cruel competition. That is it, that pushes all experts to development of abilities and moves them towards a professionalism. It is incredibly difficult to find among crowd of various retouchers, who is a master of his craft. Very often we work with customers, who had unsuccessful experience of cooperation with retouchers. We should convince everyone of our competence and gravity. Relying on us, they are enraptured with ease and quality of our work.

Almost all clients who at least once ordered a retouching of photos became than our regular customers. We are advised friends, acquaintances and we become more demanded. We value each client, in independence of the volume of work or character of the customer. We try to please each whim and we will be able to gain your trust too. Every day we begin with work which we know and love. Because it’s so pleasant to notice the benefits of our efforts in magazines, shops, exhibitions a photo or through the Internet - networks. Use also you our services of a retouching to be convinced of our professionalism! Certainly, to us it is very important that everyone, addressed for our services, was for hundred percent satisfied with the received result. For easy and fast acquaintance to activity of the Moments team we have created the beautiful website with convenient navigation. Exactly thanks to intuitively clear design, you will be able quicker to be guided in sections of the website, examples of our works, quotations and other information.

On the website of our studio you could study the list of our services in details. Besides, we are always ready to consult you concerning a retouching of photos. Also you can use our contacts of mobile communication, having selected the operator, convenient for you (MTS, Kyivstar or Life). It will help quickly contact with managers of Moments studio. at the same time, on the website there is also a function of the online consultant. With its help you can ask questions and receive answers from our experts in real time. Round the clock on our website there are managers who are ready to come to the rescue. It is very convenient and useful function for those who value the time and haven't got used to wait long. For you we are always in touch and ready to start work immediately.

What do we guarantee to the clients?

The photo retouching to order

Actually there is a lot of guarantees. We are completely sure that the photo retouching to order from Moments studio, certainly, will be able to satisfy even the most daring ideas. We act as the guarantor of quality and we keep full confidentiality of personal data of the customer. We don't extend, provided by you on processing photos. In case if we want to use them as an example of our accomplished works, we, of course, will ask your permission that there were no problems with the lawful owner.

On completion of work we will ask to leave you a comment about our work, and we guarantee that despite that, negative it will be or positive, we will publish it on the website, for a public inspection. it should be mentioned that for today there were no complaints and negative words about our retouching of photos. All our customers are satisfied with our work and in gratitude express it by means of pleasant, positive reviews. By the way, you can get acquainted with them on the website of retouching studio Moments. For this it is necessary to visit the homepage and to flip through it up to the end.

The Moments’ retouchers team is really highly qualified masters. For the short term they could do any posed tasks and volumes of photos. In spite of the fact that it is quite difficult for some clients to please, we try to make everything for obtaining the best result. As a result, in the end of our cooperation, you receive brilliant photos which could bring you only a joy. Long-term experience in the sphere of processing of photos, thorough knowledge of business and excellent job in the Photoshop do a retouching of photo either qualitative or quick. Really, the Moments’ retouchers team do the work competently and quickly, applying to work with responsibility and professionalism. If term prosecution is “burning”, you won’t have to worry about it. We will make a photo retouching quickly and the quality from it won't worsen!

Why we are the best choice in a retouching of photos?

Photographic processing

First of all, the work for us is a love the details. Each photo, appeared on the retoucher’s screen, get the maximum attention and efforts from the master. Ordering the photographic processing in Moments studio you place aside your own time, because all work is doing be our professionals. Besides the above mentioned guarantees, which provide our studio, we want to make a list of benefits from cooperation with us that you could make a final choice to our side. Well, I suppose we can start from that fact, that we adore our work. It is very important factor especially, when business concerns creativity and creation something unique. The person, loving their work, works a hundred times better and quicker. We offer you the team of specialists, who will make from your photos a work of art.

In addition, we have created pleasant quotations on our masters services. Making a start first of all from competitive prices, we have written own price list. Having got acquainted with the prices in the section of the website “Type of Service and Prices” and examples of our works you pay attention that we offer highly professional processing at the most pleasant prices on the Internet. At the same time performing work enough quickly in on-line mode. It is possible thanks to big, skilled team of Moments studio. Give your photos a new life with the help of brilliant hands of our specialists! Services of Moments studio retouching of photos

Photographic processing to order

As you know, our studio is engaged in professional digital processing of photos. We do the work competently, high quality and add to the photos delicacy and uniqueness. With every year the range of our services will rise, because we aren’t at a stop, all the time we make a progress. We interested in world trends, follow up how the fashion and style change. It helps us to be very demanded in our element. The competition means the constant growth of opportunities and quality of accomplishment professional duties. For today we can offer a quite original decisions in photographic processing of your photos. For convenience of our clients, we have divided the range of services into paragraphs. So you will be able quicker to choose required processing. To be on a step forward from the competitors we improve the knowledge in other programs for photographic processing. However, today the most convenient program is Photoshop. We constantly proof our opportunities and prove to ourselves and the clients that they haven't for nothing chosen our experts.

Our experts offer such services:


The fashion & beauty photographic processing always was demanded. Every respecting himself photographer trying to increase quality of photos and at the same time to save the own time as much as possible. The model procession isn’t only increase the interest from the viewers’ side. Thanks for the quality of photo, which we have after professional retouching, the photographer become more popular. There are often orders for model processing from magazines, newspapers or private photos (in general, for portraits). In turn such processing is divided into subspecies: beauty and fashion processing. Besides that, the model procession is important for those people, who want to remove some defects on the photo. This kind of retouching means a focusing on a model. The model procession is carrying out only on the photo with good quality (it includes photography in the studio or street style). Previously, we listen to your wishes on photo processing and as much as possible we bring closer the photo to your "ideal". After carrying out a complex of actions, which are meant at model processing, the lines of your body and face will become as models from pages of glossy magazines. We will disguise skillfully and quickly all defects: scars, scratches, spots, wrinkled clothes etc. The picture will be ideal in every respect: from range of colors to the fine details on a model or in an interior. It will be quite interesting to compare result, isn't it?

The model photographic procession maintains:

Adding of a make-up

Body shaping

Masking of scars, pigmentary spots and other defects

Changing of the eyes, hair, skin, nails color

Other types of processing (at the request of a client)

Catalog retouching

The catalog retouching has found broad application in the sphere the Internet - business. Very often large the Internet - shops order such photo processing to make goods even more desired for the buyer. Certainly, the professional photo retouching increases sales. Except online shop, the retail shops also resort to such service, creating catalogs of their own production. Restaurateurs who want to introduce "appetizing" photos in the menu handle the same frequency behind a catalog retouching. By means of a catalog retouching it is possible to correct perspective of a photo, smooth all shortcomings of the offered production or completely change goods to unrecognizability. Before to start retouching, we listen to all ideas, which you would like to embody in photos with the help of our masters. We guarantee strict implementation of arrangements, terms and faultless quality of catalog photographic retouching.

The catalog retouching maintains:

Removal of a background (we do a background monophonic or change for demanded) Smoothing of roughnesses on clothes, shoes, products. We remove folds, wrinkling and other defects of a photo.

Removal of spots, dirt, dust and scratches

Adding (removal) of details on a photo

Changing (aligning) perspective of a photo

Other types of processing (at the request of a client)

General retouching

The general retouching approaches either photography in the studio or offsite ones. Either beginning photographers or professionals with long-term length of work order such photo processing. The general retouching is a range of services, which allow refresh or improve the photo. The main thing that the initial quality of the image have to be good for processing. The general retouching allow to make the basic actions for the photo improvement. Ordering such type of retouching, you also get qualitative result, which pleased you. This service is ordered very often for photos of landscapes, nature, animals or people. In such photo processing there very often pictures from photography in the studio. However, most often for them is approaching other types of retouching, for example, model.

The service maintains:

Targeting of photo sharpness

Smoothing of chroma and light noise

Removal of spots and other defects

Color correction, aligning of photos color scale

Other types of processing (at the request of the client)

Processing of wedding photos

The wedding is certainly one of the most brightest, memorable and important event in the life of every person. The memory about it significant day have to remain for many years. The minor faults on the wedding photos could ruin the general celebration view. That is why, professional wedding photographers use the wedding processing. With the help of it you can enjoy the beautiful photos, recalling the best moments of that day. We emphasis the bride and groom’s beauty, reproduce, thanks for color changes, holiday’s mood and unforgettable guests’ emotions. The blurred, not sharply defined or defective photos will gain the new life in Moments studio. We smooth all roughness, raggedness and shortages of photos, having presented you perfect photos, which will please you and your guests! The Moments studio will make your holiday even more ideal and will prolong this joy for many years together with high-quality processing of wedding photos!

The wedding processing maintains:

Elimination of excess objects or people on a photo

Full replacement of a background

Color correction of the photo: color, brightness, contrast, focus

Processing of skin, clothes, objects on a photo

Other types of processing (at the request of the client)

Buildings and interiors

The designers, construction companies or realtor agencies often approach for this service. Trying to improve building facade appearance or its room for increase in demand and sales. Of course, it works well and therefore it has quickly found popularity among representatives of above-mentioned professions. In any case, we talk over with you the delicacy of work. We will know what would you like to see in the result and most competently and scrupulously treat implementation of the project. The volume of work isn’t important for us, because we equally diligently work each detail of a photo, which don’t satisfy you because of this or that reason. We could change or even delete some effects on the photo. At the your request we correct the photo to the ideal state and will continue doing that, until you would be satisfy in all.

The buildings and interiors processing maintains:

Elimination of excess people and objects

Addition of new objects, parts of an interior

Change of color of walls, furniture, floor, ceilings, façade etc.

Color correction of the photo: color, brightness, contrast, focus

Removal of dirt, spots, dust from home decoration

Other types of editing (at the request of the client)

Old photo restoration

When you want “renew” the old photos, it’s very important find great master. We offer you our service for your photos after restoration remain natural and faces and objects aren’t corrupt by low-grade retoucher’s work. We guarantee saving the naturalness. Our retouchers just emphasis the beauty of photo. After old photo restoration, you will be surprised on how much the photo was improved and enjoyed! Instead old, wrinkled and damaged photo, you’ll get a photo as if it has been made just! This improbable magic of transformation is available with specialists of Moments studio. We correct the face’s line and the photo. If your photo is ripped, we will collect all its parts without visible cracks and joints. Very often restoration is ordered by the people collecting data on the family tree or employees of the museums and exhibitions. The old photo restoration will help to hand over the spirit of the lived time in reality.

The old photo restoration maintains:

Coloring of old photos

Removal of defects of the photo (cracks, wrinkles, rupture, scratches)

Correction of color

Finishing drawing of missing details

Other types of processing (at the request of the client)

Art processing

The art processing is certainly one of the most wonderful and laborious kind of photo processing. Very often the art processing is ordered by magazines. But, among photographers, beginners and professionals, there are a lot of, who want decorate photo and make it wonderfully unique. Such kind of processing demands from the master not only great knowledge of Photoshop, but also rather well developed imagination. The professional is like an artist in art processing, finishing drawing unique details on the photo. The fairytales images, patterns, transformation of people into fictional characters, all that is real magic! Not for nothing, art photo processing is one of the most demanded and in too time of difficult processes of photo retouching. It’s important to have developed imagination and fantasy that the result has struck not only you, but also other people. All works are got truly fascinating and unique. Before work on the photo we will listen to your ideas if you can't offer anything we will think up images as we see it.

The art processing maintains:



Replacement of a background

Addition (removal) of details on a photo

Other types of processing (at the request of the client)

The prices on photo retouching in Moments studio

The retouchers from the Moments studio offer the photographic retouching service at the attractive prices. If compare the quality of work and prices for the services, we warrant, that we have the best matters of price and quality. We guarantee our clients scrupulous accomplishment the challenge, observance of all negotiated terms, strict work on the specification and timely delivery of the ready project. Besides, we kit out you the attentive and friendly manager for easy and relaxed discussion of the order. All that you get at the best prices in the Internet!

The price for the work will treated, certainly, proceeding from volumes, complexity and terms of processing. You have to choose interested you type of photo procession (model, catalog, general, art, wedding, buildings and interiors procession), upload your files and you’ll get exact price for your photo processing. If you have many photos, which have to be processed, use file storage dropbox or wetransfer. After calculated price, we’ll inform you about it and will be waiting for the answer. The work is carry out on a partial or full advance payment. After you will deposit money any in any convenient way for you (Internet systems, e-wallet, bankcards), we’ll get the money and start our work, previously having talked all your wishes and requirements. On the end of accomplishment work, we send you photos with the watermarks applied on them for your approval. If you aren't satisfied by our work, we are ready to correct it before receiving desired you result.

Our prices are lower than competitive. Be convinced!

The price on photo processing

Earlier it was noticed about advantage of our prices. It’s time to tell about price’s formation in detail. The team of Moments studio works with photos for a long time. We really know what works and how many time it is required to lead for each picture that the result was really impressive. Exactly taking our work experience we have taken out the cost which is most justifying the spent efforts and in the meantime available to each group of customers. Perhaps, somewhere there are lower prices, but pay attention to the delivered quality of services. We consider, that our prices are the golden middle of the quality and cost for such service. We will repeat that for regular customers we do pleasant bonuses and discounts. Hurry to become our client! The prices of photo retouching

Below are given quotations, from which our managers will make a start counting your order:

The model retouching. Price: from 8-50 $

The catalog retouching. Price: from 1 - 30 $

The general retouching. Price: from 3-20 $

The wedding retouching. Price: from 2-30 $

The buildings and interiors retouching. Price: from 5-60 $

The old photo restoration. Price: from 5-100$

The art restoration. Price: from 5-100 $

The career history of the Moments team

Notwithstanding that the Moments team works not long ago, but we already have managed to gain trust from clients from the different countries and the cities. The Moments retouching studio works in general with professional customers. Among our clients there are photographers, different editions, model agencies, painters, beauty studios, ad agencies etc. As you already know, we work with foreign and local customers. We have a great career history with representatives of the professions among them Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar etc.), Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkov, Ivano-Frankovsk etc.), Kazakhstan (Karaganda, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk) and other countries, which are a part of the CIS.

Summing up, we want to address clients who still doubt about that where to order a photo retouching!? We sincerely hope that for cooperation you will choose our command because we are really worthy trust of you. We are responsible, skilled and young. We have a creative potential which develops every day, and the aspiration to please each client. Having made a choice in our party, you not just won't regret, you with a smile will recommend the Moments studio retouching to the acquaintances and colleagues. Look at our works, compare our prices, trust in our quality and be satisfied with our work. Managers and retouchers of Moments studio already wait for your photos, already ready to discuss with you the specification and to start its accomplishment! What do you wait for? Write to us!


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